The Future Family and Training Center

Family Nurturing Center will add two stories and renovate its existing 5,400 square feet to create a 12,800 square foot model Family and Training Center. The new building will include:

  • A state-of-the-art indoor playspace for families with young children, perfect for parent-child playgroups.

  • A large, flexible space for Nurturing Programs, training, and community events.

  • A kitchen, so that we can provide meals for families involved in our programs.

  • Open, renovated office space that will encourage collaboration.

  • Full accessibility for strollers and wheelchairs throughout the building.

  • Greater energy efficiency and sustainable design.

The Results of a New Building

Deeper impact in the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood. Families will be able to join parent-child playgroups, make connections with other families, participate in nationally-recognized parenting programs, and find the help they need.

Stronger support for families throughout Boston. With an expanded, renovated building, Family Nurturing Center’s staff will have a quality home base from which to provide programs in Boston neighborhoods.

Expanded Nurturing Parenting programs throughout the Commonwealth. Family Nurturing Center is the only organization in the Commonwealth recognized to train Nurturing Program facilitators. Our new space will allow us to host more trainings for non-profits and government agencies from other communities to adopt the Nurturing Parenting model.


This is a $6.97 million project. As of January, 2019, FNC has passed the $3 million mark toward our $3.5 million capital campaign goal - thanks to many generous foundations and individual supporters. In September, 2018, we closed on $1.7 million in New Market Tax Credits and secured a long-term mortgage. Soon after, our former building was demolished, and construction on the Family and Training Center began. We continue to fundraise toward the final $500,000, and we expect the project to be completed by September, 2019.